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St John the Baptist


Burlison and Grylls Windows

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With the extension of the Church to the west for the Narthex in 1879 new windows were inserted by the firm of Burlison and Grylls in the Parish Office, Narthex and Baptistry. The company was founded by Bodley's partner, Thomas Garner.

Thomas Garner was born on 12 August 1839, trained in the office of Sir George Gilbert Scott and entered into partnership with George Frederick Bodley in 1869 which lasted until c1897. He was an able but reticent exponent of the late Gothic Revival in England. He died on 30 April 1906.

You may explore the Burlison and Grylls glass either by selecting the letters A - G on the plan or from the list below.

Burlison and Grylle Windows

A The Parish Office (until 1987 it was The Chapel of St. George used as a requiem chapel for the overnight reception of biers). The windows depict Saints Augustus, Monic and George.
B The Narthex South Window
C The Narthex Centre-South Window
D The Narthex Centre-North Window
E The Narthex North Window
F The Baptistry West Window
G The Baptistry North Window depicting Saints Martin, John and Paulinus, and the Nativity

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