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St John
the Baptist
by Morris & Co.

To see the
pre-Raphaelite windows click either on a number on the plan, or on a number in the list
beneath the plan.

16 and 17 are not windows but pre-Raphaelite artwork on the pulpit and organ case.

19 is the Canopy of Honour that appears above the Chancel

The Windows

A plan of St. Martin's Church showing the location of main windows and features.

ChurchPlan2 St. Martin Window Eve by Madox Brown Adam by Madox Brown Mose's Window by Burne-Jones Kings' Window William Morris The Annunciation by Burne-Jones The Military Window The Missionary Window Window 9 Window 10 The East Window 11 and 12 The Mary Window The Martyrs' Window Dorothea and Theophilus Window The Organ Screen Pulpit The Canopy of Honour Chancel Clerestory Lights Clestory windows along the northern side of the nave Clestory windows along the southern side of the nave The East Wall, Reredos and Altar The Chancel Arch and Screen

Key to the pre-Raphaelite windows, pulpit and organ screen:

1 The St. Martin Windows by Ford Madox Brown
2 West wall south lancet: Eve by Ford Madox Brown
3 West wall rose window centre: The Annunciation by Sir Edward Burne-Jones
4 West wall north lancet: Adam by Ford Madox Brown
5 North aisle west window: Moses, Melchizedek and Aaron by Sir Edward Burne-Jones
6 North aisle centre-west: Hezekiah and Josiah by George Campfield; David by William Morris
7 North aisle centre east: The military window - Joshua and St. Michael the Archangel by Peter Paul Marshall, and Gideon by Ford Madox Brown
8 North aisle east: Isaiah by William Morris; Daniel and Ezekiel by Sir Edward Burne-Jones
9 The Lady Chapel west window: Boaz and Ruth by William Morris; tracery by Philip Webb
10 St. John the Baptist preaching by William Morris; tracery by Philip Webb
11  East window: seven panels depicting The Parable of the Vineyard by Rossetti
12 East window central panel: The Crucifixion by Ford Madox Brown; tracery the Virgin and Child by Burne-Jones
13 South aisle east window: The Mary Window –  Mary the Virgin (centre) by Sir Edward Burne-Jones,Mary Magdalene (left) and Mary of Bethany (right)  by William Morris
14 South aisle centre window: (left to right) Saints  Peter, Stephen and Paul by Sir Edward Burne-Jones
15 South aisle west windows: St. Dorothea and St. Theophilus with an angel by Sir Edward Burne-Jones
16 The pulpit front panels: upper - the four evangelists; lower - the four doctors of the church designed by William Morris and Ford Madox Brown, painted by George Campfield. Left side panel - The Annunciation by Rossetti
17 The organ case: four angels painted by R. Spencer Stanhope, friend of William Morris
18 The chancel clerestory lights with the symbols of the four evangelists by Philip Webb
19 The chancel canopy of honour painted by Philip Webb
20 The east wall, reredos and altar, originally designed by Bodley, with paintings by George Campfield to designs by Morris and Burne-Jones
21 The screen (designed by Bodley) and chancel arch (decorated by Bodley)
22 Clerestory windows in the body of the nave by Morris and Co.