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William Morris
1834 - 1896


Boaz and Ruth
St John the Baptist Preaching
Mary of Bethany

Philip Webb

Philip Webb
1831 - 1915


In the Lady Chapel:
Isaiah (Tracery)
John (Tracery)
Martyrs' Window (Tracery)

Evangelists' Symbols

Webb also painted the Canopy of Honour above the altar.

The Harvest Window in The Lady Chapel

The west window of the chapel is one of the more satisfying compositions in the church. By William Morris it depicts both Boaz and Ruth in the harvested field , where Ruth is gleaning for ears of corn in a most inappropriately elaborate fifteenth-century robe.

The window commemorates the good harvest 1863 - the dedication is at the very bottom right of Ruth's window.

Above, in the tracery, is the prophet Isaiah, by Philip Webb, bearing a scroll reading: Verda de radice Jesse - "a rod from the stem of Jesse" Isaiah 11:1.

The Harvest Window Isaiah by Philip Webb Boaz by William Morris Ruth by William Morris