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Ford Madox Brown 1821 -1893


St Martin
Adam and Eve
The Crucifixion

The Pulpit

Peter Paul Marshall

1830 - 1900


Joshua and The Archangel Michael

These are the only windows in the church designed by Marshall


Joshua Cartoon small Joshua Cartoon  Large Gideon Small Gideon Cartoon Large The Military Window - Joshua, Archangel Michael and Gideon

Gideon Cartoon Large This north aisle, centre-east window features:
Joshua, (Peter Paul Marshall)
                   St. Michael the Archangel (Peter Paul Marshall)
Gideon (by Ford Madox Brown).

It is one of the earliest windows produced by Morris and Company, and was installed in 1862 in memory of a Major Monnins who died in 1860. The windows by Marshall are two of the few he executed for The Firm.

Madox Brown's Gideon is a strong composition , and the same figure is used as Sir Lancelot in the Story of Tristram windows, Bradford City Art Gallery.

However, A.C. Sewter writes in A Checklist of Designs for Stained Glass by Ford Madox Brown (p19): When the Morris firm was founded in 1861, Madox Brown, although already a mature artist of forty years of age, was relatively inexperienced in the art of designing for stained glass.

He had, prior to that date, only produced the single design of 'The Transfiguration' for Messrs. Powell & Sons, in 1857. It is not altogether surprising, therefore, that one or two of his earliest cartoons, such as the 'Gideon' for Scarborough and  the  'Archangels  Michael and  Uriel'  for Brighton,  show little sign of  his real artistic personality.

The Military window Joshua Archangel Michael Gideon

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