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William Morris
1834 - 1896


Boaz and Ruth
Mary of Bethany

George Campfield
(no dates available)

Other Works:

Pulpit Front Panels

East Wall


The Kings' Window - Hezekiah, David and Josiah

This window (centre-west, north aisle) was also installed by Miss Mary Craven but  a decade earlier in 1862, this time to commemorate the death of Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, in  December 1861 -  the foundation stone of St. Martin's Church had been laid in the previous month.

This window features Hezekiah (left) and Josiah (right) by George Campfield, and David (centre) by William Morris.

George Campfield, who Morris had met at the Working Men's College in Great Ormond Street, was employed as the Firm's (Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co) foreman of stained glass painters in 1861.

The Kings' Window Hezekiah King Davis Josiah Kings' Window Tracery

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