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Sir Edward

1833 - 1898


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The East Wall


Moses, Melchizedek and Aaron by Sir Edward Burne-Jones

The westernmost window on the north aisle is the third to be installed on Miss Mary Craven's instructions to thank God for the recovery of The Prince of Wales. This window is dedicated to Queen Victoria herself and dates from 1872.

Interesting features include the depiction of Moses with "horns" on his head - a medieval way if depicting the facial transifuration of the prophet after his encounter with God. This copies Michael Angelo's sculpture of Moses (1513-15) which stems from the description of Moses' face as "cornuta" ("horned") in the Latin Vulgate translation of the passage from Exodus in which Moses returns to the people after receiving the commandments for the second time.

Melchizadek was a priest of God and King of Salem, while Aaron was the brother of Moses and the first High Priest of Israel.

Moses window Moses large Melchizedek large Aaron large