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John The Baptist by Morris and Co.



The Clerestory Lights in the Nave

The eight clerestory windows in the Nave represent a variety of angels. They are all by Morris and Co. and were made from designs originally intended for the roof of the chapel of Jesus College, Cambridge. The angels are set against a background of quarrries (square panels of clear glass painted with foliage). The result is a series of windows that allow the maximum of light into the upper church.

The single window above the fifth bay of the nave represents St. John the Baptist. It is also by Morris and Co. and was the gift of Agnes Marshall to commemorate the birth of her first grandchild.

Originally the font stood in the bay beneath this window, which is why St. John the Baptist is depicted in it. Before the building of the Baptistry the main entrance was through the north door from Albion Road.

North Wall Clerestory North wall centre-west clerestory light North wall centre-east clestory light North wall east clestory light

The north wall east clerestory window is the only one to have been restored when the east and west wall windows were restored to their original glory in 2006. By clicking on the individual windows for an enlargement you can easily compare the difference restoration makes.

South Wall Clerestory Lights

The text held by the angels in the restored window reads: South wall east clerestory light South wall centre-east clerestory light South wall centre-west clerestory light South wall west clerestory light "The testimony of the Lord is sure, and giveth wisdom to the simple." Psalm 19 v.7. The other windows are unfortunately undecipherable.

However, a recently discovered hand-written note dated Whitsuntide 1870 by the first vicar, R. Henning Parr, gives us information about the texts of the other three northern clerestory lights.

Hand written note by Rev Henning Parr Hand written note by R Henning Parr

Click to enlarge.

A transcript of the above:

New windows  The four new clerestory windows on the North
1st the legend is Out of Zion hath God appeared in perfect beauty (Psalm 50 v.2)
On 2nd Thou that hearest the prayer unto thee shall flesh come (Psalm 65 v2)
On 3rd Praise the Lord O my soul and forget not all his benefits (Psalm103 v 2)
On 4th over lectern "The testimony of the Lord is sure, and giveth wisdom to the simple." (Psalm 19 v.7)

The four windows by Morris, Queen's Square, London, are the gift of Miss M Craven dedicated to the dignitaries of the Church - Archbishop  Musgrave who in (18)59 at an interview with MC (Mary Craven) formulated the Ch(urch), then Archdeacon Langley for a free church & fixed day of consecration on Father's birthday (Robert Martin Craven the father of Mary), 3rd Archbishop of York who consecrated the Church on 11th July (18)63
4 Archbishop Long who laid the foundation Stone 7th Nov (18)61
The other windows clerestory are in progress.

Unfortunately no further note has yet been found to help us identify the texts held by the angels on the south clerestory lights.