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Sir Edward

1833 - 1898


The Annunciation

Moses, Melchizedek and Aaron

Daniel and Ezekiel

Virgin and Child

Mary the Virgin

Saints Peter, Paul and Stephen

Saints Dorothea and Theophilus



The Dorothea and Theophilus Window by Burne-JonesJane Morris Sketch 1870

The windows portray (left to right) St. Dorothea, an angel and St. Theophilus.

The window portraying Dorothea is perhaps the most intriguing of the three because until recently we believed the model for Dorothea was Jane Morris.

However, in a talk (April 2015) at the church given by Suzanne Fagence Cooper, who has written extensively on the Pre-Raphaelites and Victorian women, the speaker believed the model to be Maria Zambaco, 1843 – 1914.

The window was installed in 1873, soon after Burne-Jones and Maria Zambaco finished a rather public and torrid affair. Despite this Burne-Jones continued to use her as a model for many of his later works.

The discussion and evidence about whether the model is Jane Morris or Maria Zambaco can be found here.

Dorothea and Theophilus Window St Dorothea The Angel St Theophilus

The angel and Theophilus panels have been restored following damage by intruders late in the 1980s. This window is the second of those commissioned by Miss Mary Craven as a thank offering for the recovery of the Prince of Wales. See the Martyrs' Window for more detail.

Window tribute