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Dante Gabriel Rossetti
1828 - 1882


The Parable of the Vineyard

Pulpit Panel:

The Annunciation

side image

Ford Madox Brown 1821 -1893


St Martin
Adam and Eve
The Crucifixion

The Pulpit

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Sir Edward

1833 - 1898


The Annunciation
Moses, Melchizedek and Aaron
Daniel and Ezekiel
Virgin and Child
Mary the Virgin
Saints Peter, Paul and Stephen
Saints Dorothea and Theophilus

The East Wall


The East Window with Designs by Rossetti, Madox Brown and Burne-Jones

The East Window is altogether the work of three pre-Raphaelite artists and initially may appear somewhat confusing, although the symbolism is quite plain.

The top central panel (no.8 in the blue circle below) is the crucifixion by Ford Maddox Brown.  Notice that Jesus' mother, Mary, and John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, and who Jesus, as he was dying on the cross, charged with the responsibility of looking after his mother, are holding hands. This is considered to be an unusual pose that the artist has produced.

The surrounding panels (nos. 1 - 7 in the red circles below) are to designs by Rossetti of 1861, and they won the silver medal at the South Kensington Exhibition of 1862. The Firm took two stands at the International Exhibition held at the South Kensington Museum. One was for the sole promotion of stained-glass, the other for embroideries and painted Gothic furniture.

The medal the Firm received for its stained glass was challenged by a petition raised by those in the trade who alleged the seven panels depicting the Parable of the Vineyard by Rossetti consisted of genuine medieval glass touched up and remounted. This petition was rejected by the judges. The offending glass was later erected in the east window of St Martin's.

The designs appear to be rather confused but they tell the story of the Parable of the Tenants of the Vineyard, by which Jesus foretold his death on the cross; the fulfillment of which is Brown's Crucifixion.

The Virgin and the Child in the tracery (no.9 in the blue circle below) is by Edward Burne-Jones, and was originally intended for St. Michael's Church in Brighton.

Click any of the coloured numbers below for more detail. To see the east window without the numbers click here.

East Window Virgin and Child by Burne-Jones The planting of the vineyard by Rossetti And let it out to the husbandmen by Rossetti The stoning and killing of the servant by Rossetti The arrival of the Lord's son by Rossetti The feast of the vintage by Rossetti The slaying of the Lord's son by Rossetti The judgement and condemnation by the lord of the vineyard by Rossetti The Crucifixion by Madox Brown

The three themes of this east window relating to the birth and death of Jesus link to the two themes on the opposite west windows, which depict Adam and Eve, whose fall made redemption necesssary, and the promise represented by the Annunciation.

The highly decorated East Wall below the window echoes these themes with a cental
bas-relief of The Annunciation, and directly above that a painting of The Adoration of the Magi to designs by Burne-Jones.