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Ford Madox Brown 1821 -1893


St Martin
Adam and Eve
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The St. Martin Window by Ford Madox Brown.

This window is found on the west wall inside the parish office.

StMartinWindow St. Martin divides his cloak St. Martin's Dream

The Parish Office contains what is considered to be the finest window in the church. It is by Ford Maddox Brown and shows two episodes from the life of St. Martin.

On the left St. Martin divides his cloak with a beggar; note the two roman soldiers mocking Martin's actions and the detail of the beggar's injured leg.

On the right he sees the same cloak in heaven in the hands of Christ and supported by angels. We see Christ the King, a very catholic icon, with an angel holding his septre and orb. Christ's feet rest on a skull and a serpent symbolising his conquest of both death and the devil.

Note also that Christ sits on a rainbow with a foreground of painted flowers and grass. The angels hold the cloak in front of their faces.

The composition is artificial ( and in fact defies perspective) but is satisfying for all that. The colours are very fine.

The window was commissioned by Miss Mary Craven as a memorial to her mother, Jane, who died in 1862.

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