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Philip Webb
1831 - 1915


In the Lady Chapel:
Isaiah (Tracery)
John (Tracery)

Martyrs' Window (Tracery)

Evangelists' Symbols


The canopy

The canopy looking west


A pomegranate wall painting beneath the canopy




The Canopy of Honour painted by Philip Webb

A canopy of honour is a decorative ceiling, especially over the chancel, in medieval church architecture or derivatives. Similar canopies may also appear above altars or crucifixes.

The painted canopy of honour above the altar in St. Martin's was the work of Philip Webb, who was paid £2 a day for this work. Because it is usually in the dark people actually forgot that this work was there until a BBC film crew were working in the church making a documentary film about Fredrick Delius. Their bright lights lit up the canopy and it was found to be in pristine condition. It is now floodlit.

The canopy of honour

The canopy and walls contains a wide range of catholic imagery. On the canopy itself directly above the altar there are four angels playing musical instruments: the harp, organ, pipes and cymbals.

Canopy angel 1 Canopy angel 2 Canopy angel 3 Canopy angel 4

Other decorations that appear include M (for Martin or Mary), martins, floral designs,
fleur-de-lis and sunbursts.

Canopy decorations 1 Canopy decorations 2 floral design Canopy decorations 3 fleur-de-lis Canopy decoration sunburst sunburst

Finally, on the wall immeditely next to the canopy are a further range of similar images:

Wall image M for Martin M monogram Wall images flowers flowers Wall images Latin Latin script

Here we see the monogram for Martin/Mary, a range of floral symbols, including the sunflower, rose and pomegranate, and an abrievated Latin scroll " in memoria aeterna erit justus" from the latin text of a requium mass:      

Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine Eternal rest give unto them, O Lord
et lux perpetua luceat eis.     and let perpetual light shine upon them.
In memoria aeterna erit iustus, He shall be justified in everlasting memory,
ab auditione mala non timebit. and shall not fear evil reports.