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Chaos on The Esplanade


The German Bombardment of Scarborough
Wednesday 16th December 1914 0800

This page contains two links to BBC media relating the events in St. Martins on the day of the bombardment.

For a short video from the BBC about St. Martin's Church and the German Bombardment in December 1914 click here.

Listen to this brief radio interview (below): Richard Garton Horsley and Winnifred Louise Duphoit married on the day of the Scarborough bombardment (16 December 1914). Winnifred had attended St Martins on the Hill on the morning of her wedding for Holy Communion. While this was taking place, the bombardment began. Despite the church having been hit, the vicar decided to go ahead with the marriage service. The bride saved a piece of shrapnel from the momentous day. She went on honeymoon with her new husband on a motorbike and sidecar. They were caught up in crowds of people fleeing Scarborough.