Harvest Window Character Biographies


Boaz and Ruth Overview

Although Boaz was the prince of the people, he himself supervised the threshing of the grain in his barn, in order to circumvent any immorality or theft, both of which were rife in his days.

Glad in his heart that the famine was over in Israel, he sought rest after having thanked God and studied for a while in the Torah.

Aroused out of his first sleep by Ruth, he was greatly frightened, as he thought that she was a devil; and he was convinced of the contrary only after touching the hair of her head, since devils are bald.

When he perceived the pure and holy intentions of Ruth he not only did not reprove her for her unusual behaviour, but he blessed her, and gave her six measures of barley, indicating thereby that six pious men should spring from her, who would be gifted by God with six excellences; (King David and the Messiah being two of them).

Boaz fulfilled the promises he had given to Ruth, and when his kinsman would not marry her because he did not know the Halakah which decreed that Moabite women were not excluded from the Israelitic community, Boaz himself married her. 

Boaz was eighty and Ruth forty years old but their marriage did not remain childless, though Boaz died the day after his wedding.