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George Frederick Bodley
1827 - 1907

Interior 1870 Church interior 1870 without the screen

The interior of the church in 1870 proir to the errection of the chancel screen in 1894

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The apex of the chancel arch

The rood cross

The screen


The Screen and Chancel Arch to designs by Bodley

The screen was added to the church in 1894, five years after the death of Miss Mary Craven in 1889. It was designed by the architect, Bodley, and is topped in medieval style with a great cross (rood) together with the figures of Mary and St. John the Evangelist.

The decoration of the wall above it was painted by Bodley himself in 1862 but is now badly faded. There is an interesting story associated with this because the painting of this wall nearly ended in catastrophe and Bodley's early demise.  While he was working on a narrow scaffolding erected for the painting work,  a temporary gas-jet set up for lighting purposes flared up in his face, almost sending him toppling backwards into the nave and singeing his whiskers in the process.

Chancel arch and screen The Chancel Arch The Rood Cross The Chancel Screen